Market Listing

A "market listing" is a format that bundles all necessary information related to a certain item or service. It must provide enough information such that potential buyers may evaluate the item or service, additionally it can also include the payment details such that a purchase is possible. Note that multiple market listings may exist for a single unique item, they could for example have different descriptions. The market listing is the public format which any user is able to request and thus naturally must not contain any confidential data.


OMP uses JSON (RFC7159 as the default encoding format, mainly for readability and simplicity. Encodings formats such as TLV are a lot more efficient but they make reading and understanding the protocol substantially harder. Therefore we decided to use JSON instead, if the need for scalability arises then more efficient encoding schemes can be adopted.


When the value assigned to a key is one of the constant values, then it is written in UPPERCASE.


A version object is integrated into the listing format that allows for a critical upgrade path. In a production environment it is advised only to update the version for changes that break interoperability.

    "version": "",