Optional field

The regions that the item will ship to. Excluded regions are prepended with a minus sign.

  "shipping_destinations": [


Optional field

A full example:

  "location": {
    "region": "CZE",
    "address": "Dělnická 43, Praha 7",
    "gps": {
      "marker_title": "Bitcoin Coffee",
      "marker_text": "A café where you can buy drinks with Bitcoin!",
      "lng": "50.1034189",
      "lat": "14.4504915"

Minimal location, if the field location is present, the object must contain the field "region":

  "location": {
    "region": "CZE"


The region variable is a three character representation of the country, as documented in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes and maintained by ISO 3166/MA. We compiled a JSON file which maps the alpha-3 codes to the full name of the country (English), which you can find here.


Optional field

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